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Buying and selling property are two of the most significant decisions you’ll ever make. For many, it’s no walk in the park because there can be a lot of time, money, stress and effort involved. So- how can you do it better? Answer- let Provincial Property Advocacy assist you through these transactions and relieve you of much of the time, stress and effort.


At Provincial Property Advocacy, we’re more than just property advisers. We’re specialists in buying and selling property but, most importantly, we’re your independent appointed representative giving you much peace of mind knowing you are in good hands in the buying or selling processes..


Our team of experienced property advocates will work with you to tailor a strategy and plan that works best to suit your needs, and feels right for you whether buying and selling. We assist in assessing your purchasing price range when buying, to negotiating the agent’s commission and handling the paperwork. You can always be assured that your best interests are always of our prime concern.


Our expertise allows you to alleviate most of the worry and hassle, and to move forward confidently with the knowledge you are on your way to successfully owning or selling.



What we do for you at Provincial, watch below to learn more




Selling property - Why and what is the best way for you








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