Frequently Asked Questions

How are you different from normal real estate agents? 

We differ from real estate agents by the fact that we do not sell property or act in the vendor’s interest when buying. Instead, we search, act and purchase property on behalf of the buyer. 


When advising on the sale of a property, we provide the vendor with stand alone market knowledge and data, to best help them make a decision, when the time comes to market and sell that particular property.



Are you qualified?

Yes. We’re qualified, licensed real estate agents with the Business Licensing Authority, and active members of the REIV.



How are you independent?

We act for the buyer or seller only. This means we don’t sell property or receive commissions to recommend a property from a seller, property developer or real estate agent.



Does it cost us anything to meet with you?

No. You only pay the service fee after you've successfully sold or purchased a property.


What’s the average time needed to buy a property? 

The average time involved in purchasing a piece of property varies. It depends on the specific nature of the request and the amount of supply in the market place.  Typically it takes between 1-3 months.



On average, how much do you save your clients? 

One of our key objectives is to ensure that our clients don’t pay a dollar more than they should  to own the property they want. There’s no doubt that our negotiation skills could put you in a better position than negotiating on your own. Putting a figure on this is very subjective, particularly if a property goes to auction.



Can you purchase on my behalf?

Yes. The correct legal authority allows us to buy the agreed property on your behalf . We act as your agent/power of attorney. We don’t purchase the property ourselves and then sell the property back to you.



What are Provincial Property Advocacy’s rates and charges?

Provincial offers set rates. For the latest rates or to obtain a quote, click here.



Do I have to sign any legal agreements when engaging Provincial’s services?

We have a simple one page agreement which helps outline the arrangement between you and us.



Do you handle multiple clients? And what happens if their search converges with my search?

We do handle multiple clients. ‘Double ups’ are a rare occurrence, and we’ve dealt with these kinds of situations previously. The solution here is to keep open lines of communication and notify parties of any possible clash.  If agreed, we will direct some clients to a third party service provider to ensure the best interests of the client remains.



What happens if you bid for me at auction for our selected property (acquire only service) and you’re unsuccessful?

Simply put, no result no fee.  The agreed fee only applies when you have successfully purchased or sold. There is no maximum limit when we are assessing suitable properties for you.



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