Fee Structure

At Provincial Property Advocacy, we pride ourselves with really listening to and acting solely in the best interests of our clients.


Before we begin our business relationship with you , we like to meet you in person to discuss your specific requirements and reach agreement on the fee for the services you will require to meet your needs. The objective is to save you time and money and we are confident that our experience, approach and skills will more than justify the cost of working exclusively on your behalf. The majority of our fees are only payable upon the result of a successful property transaction. And, there is no initial registration fee to commence the process.


Our competitive fee structure is based solely on the type of services you require, such as:

  • Buying service - this includes price and terms negotiation for a private sale or auction bidding on your behalf and typically starts at $5,980 (plus GST).

  • Seller advisory service - this fee forms part of the selling agent’s commission, which occurs only when the property has been successfully sold. There is no extra cost to you for our services of finding you the best agent to list and market your property with and handling the sale process direct with you and the appointed agent.


We are confident that you will be more than satisfied that our fees appropriately reflect the value of our professional services.

For us to provide you with a more specific quote, just contact us at (03) 9650 0399 or send us an email to information@provincialgroup.com.au