Whether you’re just starting your search for a home or investment property, already found something you like, or preparing to sell a property, our services will be tailored to your needs along every step of the way.


Property Buying Service

From supporting you in the search for and analyses of properties, to negotiating on a private sale or bidding at auction, Provincial Property Advocacy lets you step back and take a breath, while we assist you with sound solutions and answers to the following: 

  • What should I look for when buying a home/investment property?  

  • How do I buy at auctions?

  • Should I buy before auction or at auction?

  • What is the best approach for buying at private sales?

  • How can I find out what a property I am interested in is worth?

  • Are there any government grants or incentives I can apply for?

  • What type of property loans should I consider?

  • Overall, how much do all the costs associated with buying or selling usually amount to?

And there may be more questions you have, so let Provincial Property Advocacy assist you to minimise the exasperation of dealing with the many and varied aspects of the property market.



Negotiation & Auction Bidding Services

If you have the time to look for the right property, we can then analyse, check, bid and negotiate on your behalf, be it private sales or auctions. We will ensure that all the necessary background checks are completed, and provide answers to questions including;

  • How long has the property been on the market?

  • Has other potential buyers shown interest?

  • How does the agent’s quoted price range compare to the likely expected sale price?

  • Has there been any prior offer made n the property?

  • What additional information do I need as a buyer?



Seller Advisory Service

Selling a property can be a sometimes daunting and complex undertaking. We regularly see firsthand how sellers fall short in attaining the optimum sale price. That’s why we offer our expertise and experience to assist you to decide the best approach whilst protecting your interests when selling.

What our seller advisor services include are:

  • Inspection of the property, providing an impartial opinion of the property’s likely selling price range and guidance on preparation, presentation and the best marketing campaign for the property.

  • Selection and appointment of a real estate agent who will conduct the sale in a very professional manner and obtain the best possible outcome for you.

  • Monitoring the marketing campaign and liaising with the selling agent to ensure they’re delivering the best professional service you are expecting.

  • Advising you on the best time to sell based on local market conditions and the method of sale – i.e. auction, private sale, and “off market” sale.

The most important feature of this exclusive service is that our fee is part of the negotiated and agreed selling agent’s commission, and this is only payable when the property has been successfully sold for you. So, there is NO additional cost for you to use our comprehensive specialist service.



How Do I Get Started

Call us now at (03) 9650 0399 or email us at to book an obligation free consultation with Provincial Property Advocacy, during which we will:

  • Provide comprehensive advice on either the buying or selling process so you have “peace of mind” on what lies ahead.

  • Provide you with all the property market advice you will need to obtain your goal.

  • If you are a buyer- assess your ability to secure the level of finance for your proposed purchase.

  • Then, provide a personalised property finance summary to assist you to better understand your financial options.

  • Outline our fee structure for using our professional services.

  • If required, provide finance advice and pre-approval, with assistance from our financial arm Provincial Home Loans.